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I have lived the Paleo Lifestyle since September 2013 and it’s been the best decision I ever made (outside of marrying my husband of course).

But my health journey started years before I discovered Paleo.  You can read all about that HERE.

Where does the name, NoPainPaleo, come from?

Other than my belief that the Paleo Lifestyle is painless…it’s also a play on words.  The French word for bread is “pain”.  Therefore, no “pain” Paleo because you’ll find no conventional bread here!

 The Paleo Diet, also known as the Caveman Diet, consists of no grains, sugars (refined), legumes (beans/peanuts), or dairy products.
What do you eat?
Meat, vegetables, fruit, seeds and nuts.

You’ll feel better, lose weight and look great!  It’s not a gimmick.  It’s food your body was meant to eat.
The modern diet is full of chemicals and additives that appear to be contributing to a whole host of health issues including obesity, diabetes, and cancer.
Eat Clean.  Eat well.  Feel great!

This is my first cook book.

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No Pain Paleo; Eating Clean in a Processed World

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March 26 on CH
March 26, 2015 on Morning Live! (CHCH Hamilton)

I’ve received some really great feedback from family, friends, and new friends to the No Pain Paleo family.

This link will take you to my segment where I’m showing host Bob Cowan how to make Paleo Shrimp Pad Thai.


    This is my second cookbook.

The Daily Paleo Cookbook is available in hard copy and in digital versions at this link.

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Check out my most recent appearance on CH Morning Live with Bob Cowan!
We talk about cavemen, saber tooth tigers, and why I love the paleo lifestyle.  Click here for the link.

paleo Morning Live Dec 7, 2015
Bob Cowan and I talking about my latest book on CH Morning Live. Dec 7, 2015.

Here’s an audition video I made for a lifestyle TV show recently and I think it answers a few questions on why health and fitness are so important to me.

I hope I piqued your interest about Paleo and how you can achieve your health goals based on its principles.  It truly is a “lifestyle” and not a “diet”.

Veterans and newbies to Paleo are welcome!  Read below to understand what Paleo is and why I have embraced it wholeheartedly.

To be clear, I’m not a nutritionist.  I am, however, a diligent researcher and I love food.  Trust me, if going Paleo wasn’t tasty or I didn’t see any benefits from it, I would not live this way.

You can change the way you look and feel just by dropping certain items from your everyday menu.  For all the reasons why, visit  He’s the Paleo Diet guru.

My job here is to show you where I get my ingredients, how I cook the foods and how Paleo has helped make me stronger and healthier.  I’m not a preachy strict Paleo person either.  Some people obsess over whether honey or baked goods should be on the approved foods list, and some people insist on making their own hot sauce or kimchi.  I say do what you can and make good choices on what you can’t.


Need to find a recipe?  Click on the green box with the magnifying glass and enter a few ingredients.  Any post that has that word in it will pop up.  Looking for something specific?  Send me an email:

Please read the testimonials.  You’ll find my weight loss journey there as well as stories from other people who have benefited from changing their lifestyles.  It’s hard to change but you can do it if you are committed and focussed.  You owe yourself nothing less.

I am a CrossFit athlete (and now a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer) so you will find I post stories about those experiences and how it affects my day-to-day life.

(deadlifting 260# in July 2016 )

I also run, practice yoga, Olympic Weightlifting, and my husband has joined me in acroyoga (partner acrobatic yoga!)
If you are interested in pursuing any or all, please do it!  Exercise of the body and mind is important.  Don’t know how to get started?  Shoot me an email and we’ll talk!  I’m here for you.

I have a Facebook page, Instagram account and a Twitter handle.  So many ways you can keep in touch.

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Enjoy the recipes!
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