Lemon Burst Bars

The chances of me writing another cookbook are slim…but in the last three years I have learned to never say never.

As you may know there are a few reasons for that.  I had a mental list of things I never thought I would or could do.

Here’s a sampling:

1.  Quit a full-time job to become a TV freelancer.

2.  Do a handstand push up.

3.  Appear in front of a TV camera.

4.  Become a crossfit trainer (actually doing anything physical besides running away from a bear was once out of the question).

5.  Giving up cheese and bread 99% of the time.

…there are a ton more but you get the idea.

I work hard every day to be a  better human and to understand how other humans operate.

For a long time things in my world were very black and white.  “I believe this… I choose to follow that”…etc.

Thank goodness I was able to break out of that cycle and find out there’s not just black, white, and sometimes grey!  The world is so much nicer in vibrant colours.  I feel better knowing things aren’t written in stone.  I know I am capable of more now than what I did at 20…30…35 (especially since 35.  That was a big year).

So that is why Saturday’s events in the US had me upset almost to the point of tears.  I was at work so years weren’t exactly a professional way to deal with what I was seeing on CNN’s broadcast or Twitter feed.

If you refuse to look at something from another’s point of view, you are doomed to a lifetime of frustration and fear.  Why on earth would you want to live that way?  What is it about the colour of one’s skin or the god one worships that is so threatening?

I like Christmas and Easter…and I think Eid and Dwiwali are pretty cool too.  Do I feel that my (non-practising) religion is under threat?  No.  I feel that others are trying to make me feel it is under attack.  I want to know how other people on our tiny planet celebrate their holidays.  I think that makes us a better human race.

Why doesn’t anyone remember, “United we stand, divided we fall? because it certainly looks like we are all falling–and failing–right now.

Open your mind and your hearts.

I have been accused of being a bleeding-heart Liberal (or a Lib-tard, which is particularly offensive especially when it is the best insult or comeback a Conservative can throw at me) but I am fine with that.   I would rather understand those who are different from me than be crushed under my unfounded fear of them.

Now for the

Lemon Burst Bars

Prep Time: 40 minutes                          Yields: about 15-20 bars

2 cups raw almonds                                1 cup raw pecans (or cashews/walnuts etc)                            1 cup unsweetened shredded coconut                                                         1 cup dried cranberries (dried cherries would also work)                    1 cup raw honey                                        6 tbsp chia seeds                                     3 tbsp Sunflower seeds                       2 tbsp melted coconut oil                  1 tsp natural lemon extract

Preheat oven to 350F and line a 9×13 baking pan or large cookie sheet with parchment paper.

Roughly chop almonds and pecans in a food processor or with a knife.  In another bowl, combine honey and melted coconut oil.  Add lemon extract and mix well.  In a large bowl, combine the chopped nuts with the remaining dry ingredients.  Add in the liquids and mix well.

Pour into your baking dish and smooth out to the edges.   Bake for 15-20 minutes.

Remove from oven to cool for another 20 minutes.  Place pan in fridge or freezer to fully set.

Before cutting the bars, take another piece of parchment paper and flip the bars onto it peeling away what was once the bottom layer of paper.  Allow to thaw slightly and cut into bars.

This recipe keeps well in the fridge or freezer when packaged in plastic wrap or freezer safe containers.