No Pain Paleo: Eating Clean in a Processed World Reviews

Gianluca loves my Sweet Potato Lasgana and Banana Sizzle!
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Stuffed Peppers & Caveman Cereal by Shelley S, Riverview, NB

shelley testimonial

Corrie M, Owen Sound, Ontario

Hello everyone. A friend of mine just put out a fabulous paleo cook book. You don’t need to be following the paleo diet to enjoy her nutritious and delicious recipes. Check out her Facebook page at No Pain Paleo

Gave a copy of your book to my mom for Christmas and it was a big hit.  She was totally impressed and blown away.  The book has a wonderful, positive impact on people.
Michael W.

NoPainPaleo members tell their stories of success:

Linda Y:  Thanks so much for being my inspiration and mentor. It hasn’t been an easy month with all the things that have happened but I definitely feel better about myself and about my health. I look forward to continuing with this journey.
I had to laugh the other day at Storybook Park with the kids, My shorts were so loose they kept falling down. Gonna have to buy some knew clothes. I just wanted to fit into properly and now they are loose.

Stacey H:  Thank you for your commitment to helping everyone to a healthier lifestyle ! Things I noticed after a month of the challenge are, more energy, a hip and knee injury getting stronger, a kick start back into better living and reconnecting with Kristi and all the great cross fitters at the Vortex! Community Matters! I’m looking forward to the summer and a renewed commitment to healthier happier living! Keep those recipes coming B.J.

Janice O:  Thanks for all the emails, recipes and encouragement. I feel so much better today than I did a month ago. My son and his wife are following the paleo diet now as well, we just had a family BBQ with Bison burgers topped with Avocados and sriracha sauce and veggies and salads, all paleo and everyone loved it. All is good.

Christina:   I find the first week of Paleo always to be the toughest but you’re posts are soo motivating BJ!:) I definitely can already feel a difference in how I feel and I’m loving that feeling!!  The lasagna recipe sounds fantastic and I can’t wait to try it out myself!!:)

Michelle:  I read all your blogs. It helps keep me motivated to move forward with goals. Plus I need all your paleo advice when I’m stuck :-)

Linda S:  If you have not tried them then you absolutely must try BJ’s Energy bites (or heaven in a ball as I liket o call ’em…lol)
They are my fave and an absolute must try!
Not only are they paleo friendly but they taste fantastic!!!!