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More reviews for #bevsbigdeal

It takes a brave person to assess one’s life and recognize the elements in it that could be better.

It takes a braver person to act on that recognition.

My little sister is the bravest person I know.  Not only did she take on an immense challenge, she agreed to let me tell her story, the good times and bad,  in hopes she could help others overcome their own obstacles.

However, this isn’t just a weight loss story.  Anyone wrestling with an addiction whether it be food, alcohol, drugs,  etcetera may find something in here to help.   Overall,  it’s a story of the human spirit.  Just imagine what we can all do if we seriously put our minds to it!

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In order to put this on YouTube, I had to break it into three parts.  They should be easily seen on my channel, but if not, here are links to the three parts.

Bev’s Big Deal:  Part One

Bev’s Big Deal:  Part Two

Bev’s Big Deal:  Part Three

Thank you to my parents, Murray and Marlene, my husband, Mike, and Bev’s partner, Kevin, for their participation in this video.

Most of all, thank you , Bev, for your bravery in telling your story.

Bev and I in Daytona Beach, Florida in February 2014

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